Collaborative loan platforms allow the borrowing or lending of money between individuals. They often have competitive rates. Read

Today, there are many collaborative loan platforms. A collaborative platform is a system that allows to connect users for the use of different resources. It is the different users who pool resources for use by other users. There are many types of resources that are the subject of a collaborative platform, goods, knowledge, money …

In the case of collaborative loan platforms, the resource is money. Collaborative loan platforms have different objectives. On the one hand, there are those whose objective is the realization of a project, on the other hand, those used to set up a loan.


Platforms dedicated to the realization of projects


The majority of collaborative platforms (crowdfounding) aim at the realization of a project. These platforms finance projects in France and around the world, the fields of intervention are very varied, from agriculture, to culture, through the trade.

Individuals who wish to carry out a project, can contact the platform to present their projects, and to solicit financing. The funding ceiling varies depending on the platform.

Lenders choose the project they want to finance. On some platforms, lenders may choose to lend or give, on other platforms, either one or the other. At Ulule the contributor can give or buy a good or a service to finance the project he has chosen.
When you have chosen the project you want to invest in, you just have to pay the agreed amount. Then, wait for the payment of the monthly payments by the carrier of the project you have chosen.


Loan platforms

Loan platforms

They connect lenders, people who have money, and want to invest, and borrowers who have a need for financing. The purpose of these platforms is to allow fair remuneration of lenders. For borrowers, it is a question of getting into debt at a competitive rate. Today, non-project-based lending platforms mainly concern consumer credit.

This is not because it is about collaborative financing that the files of the borrowers are not scrupulously studied. As for lending institutions, if you want to get a loan through collaborative financing, you will have to complete a questionnaire, and produce supporting documents. These platforms do not lend to persons registered with the FICP (Personal Credit Reimbursement Incident File) or the FCC (Central Check File).

Some of these platforms, including Younited Credit will offer you to insure your loan, but as required by law, you are free to insure your credit from another institution.

There are many platforms, the only one to be accredited as a credit institution is Younited Credit. If you want to invest in these platforms, check the default level of the platform, so a platform like loan displays 0% of permanent losses, for some platforms, it is more difficult to get the default level.

Finally, today, there is another way to finance your professional or personal projects. top